New Season

Outside Gertie, our trailer, I can see the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  Fall was quick this year with the leaves yellow only for a couple of days, then fading to a worn out gold. A cold front came in with snow flurries and strong winds which cleaned the trees of their fading glory.  Now … More New Season

The Reprieve

We're sitting in National Forest just outside of Teton Park. We pitched our tent right in view of the magical mountain range. We just got back from an eight mile hike and I'm enjoying a glass of wine. The girls are tired and resting beside me. When you have two high energy dogs you treasure … More The Reprieve

Forest Fire

It’s dry in Wyoming.  We left for two weeks to explore Glacier National Park and in that short amount of time, when we came back, the landscape was totally changed.  Once lush green fields are now cracked and golden. We’re staying in a little RV park outside of our beloved Pinedale, Wyoming.  This town is … More Forest Fire

Pushing Through

We’ve spent the last couple of days in Grand Teton National Park. We found a little spot in National Forest that backs right up to Teton National Park.   National Forest has different regulations than National Parks. Dogs are allowed on trails, you can shoot guns, have ground fires and the best part is, camping … More Pushing Through