Into the Winds

We’ve been talking a lot about our trek Into the Winds and I’ve had a few people ask about logistics, so here we go!! We are so so excited about this. Andrew has been pouring over maps for 15 years, planning this trip to hike the whole Wind River Range of Wyoming. We’ve talked about … More Into the Winds

The Mental Game

Well, we’re back from the mountains.  Andrew and I filled up our packs and headed deep into the Winds to Titcomb Basin.  The first few miles are a slow steady uphill, then it gets really intense for the next three miles with constant up and down, climb and fall. I’m always so happy when I finish … More The Mental Game


Well the Slatons can’t sit still for too long, so we’re packing up and getting ready for a backpacking adventure. Pinedale, where we’ve been staying, is a great hub to take little side trips.  It was just over an hour drive to the epic Green River Lakes.  And it’s just a 20 minute drive to … More Backpacking!


Hello all!  First, a quick little update since my last post.  I ordered my meds online and they arrived today.  So just in time before I ran out.  I’m not much of a high maintenance lady.  I don’t need to shower too often, I’m most at home by a campfire in the mountains or on … More Mosquitoes