Well Mama Jean told me I need to write another blog post, so of course, I’m doing it (Insert angel emoji here).  See the thing is, I write to process through my stuff.  My emotions, my anxieties, my fears and obsessions, and to be quite honest I haven’t really been struggling lately.  I’m just so … More Simplicity

Brother Wind

Well hi there.  It’s been a while since I’ve written so I thought I would give you a Slatontastic update.  We’ve been living on the road for over four months.  In a way I feel like I’ve always lived on the road, I’ve settled into this lifestyle so seamlessly.  I’ve watched the trees change from … More Brother Wind

Forest Fire

It’s dry in Wyoming.  We left for two weeks to explore Glacier National Park and in that short amount of time, when we came back, the landscape was totally changed.  Once lush green fields are now cracked and golden. We’re staying in a little RV park outside of our beloved Pinedale, Wyoming.  This town is … More Forest Fire

The Mental Game

Well, we’re back from the mountains.  Andrew and I filled up our packs and headed deep into the Winds to Titcomb Basin.  The first few miles are a slow steady uphill, then it gets really intense for the next three miles with constant up and down, climb and fall. I’m always so happy when I finish … More The Mental Game

Climbing Mountains

Yesterday afternoon we went for a hike up to Blueberry Lake.  The trail wound it’s way through thick Aspen groves with lush ground cover.  It was a 1,300 foot elevation gain within the course of a mile, mile and a half, so it was pretty intense.  While hiking I kept asking myself, why the heck am … More Climbing Mountains