Andrew and I were off the grid for a while and now we’re back on, staying right outside of our beloved Pinedale.  I love it when my phone reads “No Service.”  I feel like it’s giving me permission to stare at the clouds more, get lost in the wind rustling through the Aspen leaves, take … More Processing


We pulled our old packs out of the truck and started filling them up.  Smellie sleeping bags, a change of clothes, pots and butane, Cliff Bars and apples.  The trailhead was an hour from our trailer.  The road wound its way through golden farmland with black cows dotting the hillside.  We watched a storm grow … More Conditioning


The sun is coming in hot through our little dining room window.  We’re back in Pinedale after spending some time in West Yellowstone where Andrew was teaching a workshop.  He would leave at 5:30 in the morning and not get home till late late.  So it was just me and Islay Blue for four days. … More Simple

Stop and Release! 

I talk a lot about mental health on this blogaroo. I think it’s so important to just start a conversation about the subject. I believe everyone has their thing. If it’s not bipolar, it’s depression, being unsatisfied in life, comparrision, food addictions, body issues, the list goes on.  I have been so amazed the form … More Stop and Release! 

The Choice

I felt the rain in my dreams last night.  My dreams have been so dark lately and have hung heavy on my brain throughout the day. Like sticky spiderwebs that you can’t get off your fingers and clothes.       I woke up when it was still dark and heard the pitter-pat of the … More The Choice