“Got my head held up and the view is stunning With the hounds at my heels just keep running My heart beats deep in my chest Won’t look back and there’s no time to rest I’m coming up You know that I’m free I’m free.”     I hoisted my pack on my shoulders, put … More Free

Off the Grid

We’ve been on the road for just over two weeks now.  I still wake up, look outside my window and can’t believe this is real.  Andrew and I are currently in an RV park outside of Pinedale.  It’s a simple park, not much to look at, but there are beautiful views of the Wind River … More Off the Grid

City Noise

A few times a year, Andrew and I head up to Wyoming. It always surprises me that there are still places in the US where my phone changes from full bars to “No Service.” Even before I knew I was Bipolar, that there was a name for what was going on, I knew I was … More City Noise