We’re getting ready for the big move and we’ve been getting rid of stuff.  I was outside in the backyard the other night, walked inside and saw a family of six in my living room gathered around my couch.  There were a bunch of grunts and finagling and just like that, our only couch was … More Baggage

The Meds

The thought of popping a pill every day, even worse, being told that I needed to, that my sanity and health depended on it, was one of the most discouraging things. … More The Meds

City Noise

A few times a year, Andrew and I head up to Wyoming. It always surprises me that there are still places in the US where my phone changes from full bars to “No Service.” Even before I knew I was Bipolar, that there was a name for what was going on, I knew I was … More City Noise