Well Mama Jean told me I need to write another blog post, so of course, I’m doing it (Insert angel emoji here).  See the thing is, I write to process through my stuff.  My emotions, my anxieties, my fears and obsessions, and to be quite honest I haven’t really been struggling lately.  I’m just so … More Simplicity


I think there is something to getting up and going to bed with the sun.     I layed in the tent this morning and could feel the change before I opened my eyes. The sky was turning from an ink black to rich blue. I stayed there for a bit and took in my surroundings. … More Sunrise

Camping with Friends

When I first saw the Trotters at our camp site my immediate thoughts in no particular order were, “Yea I’m sooo excited to see them!!” And, “I’m smellie.”      Andrew and I get lost in our lil’ camping, wandering, road tripping lala land.  We can truly do this forever and sometimes we joke about … More Camping with Friends

Desert Sage

I fell asleep to the smell of desert sage and plastic blow-up air mattress.   I don’t know if it’s actually called “desert sage,” I’ve never looked it up, but Andrew calls it that and it sounds right to me.  Every time we pull in to Big Bend country I roll down the windows and the … More Desert Sage