The Southern Home

I’ve known since I was in High School that I don’t want children but I thought I would… you know, grow into it. … More The Southern Home

Making Pies

I think with all the social media glamour I feel this expectation to be living gloriously ALL THE TIME and I just can’t do that. So I am giving myself, and you, the freedom to just live, period. … More Making Pies

Hunger & Thirst

I have a daily yoga practice.  Before you start to think that I’m all hardcore and super awesome let me fill you in. Some days, yes, I’m pretty neato and it turns into a long practice full of fancy poses. But lately, it mainly constist of a LOT of Forward Folds, Supine Twists and holding … More Hunger & Thirst


Hi all!  I’m a Christian!  Stick with me here… I’m a follower of Christ, in that, I’m an absolute hot mess and God in his unexplainable grace decided to love me anyway.  He’s thinks I’m beautiful.  It’s crazy. But speaking of hot mess, one of the things that keeps me sane and balanced and giggly in … More Namaste