Your Foundation

When hashtag coronacraziness hit, we were off grid in Florida, parked in a field. Living on the road, in remote locations, 2 hrs away from a grocery store, electricity, running water, with everything we own in a beat up trailer, we’ve pretty much been practicing living minimally, in survival mode, for 4 years. It was … More Your Foundation


Well the Slatons can’t sit still for too long, so we’re packing up and getting ready for a backpacking adventure. Pinedale, where we’ve been staying, is a great hub to take little side trips.  It was just over an hour drive to the epic Green River Lakes.  And it’s just a 20 minute drive to … More Backpacking!


I have a confession.  My favorite foods are butter and pizza. Veggies are okay.  But you take those lil suckers and toss them in a skillet with a slab of Sweet Cream Salted Butter and I’ll eat two plates full.  And pizza?  Sigh, no more explanation needed. These thoughts have been brewing deep for a … More Skinny